Welcome to fibodo
Find what is going on around you.
fibodo makes it simple to find and book activities on the go. We are your shortcut to what you want to do, where and when you want to do it - whether you're getting back into a sport, becoming involved in your local community, or hosting your own activity.

fibodo is about redefining “being active”. To us, being active means being involved.

That's the idea behind fibodo. find it. book it. do it.
fibodo is …
Find local activities

fibodo shows activities happening near you.

When you search, just select an activity to learn more, view availability, and make a booking.
Book instantly

Once you've found an activity you like, it's easy to book instantly online.

We'll send your confirmation straight away, so you know your slot is secure.
Fair pricing, free activities

It's free to sign up to fibodo.

And when you search, you'll find a mix of free and priced activities in your area.

Free activities are a great chance to try something new, with no financial commitment. And if there is a small charge, we'll take payment via credit or debit card.
Act on impulse

Want to do something this afternoon, this evening, or tomorrow?

fibodo shows availability right up to the moment an activity starts.

So if you want to play golf this afternoon or try yoga tonight, you're in the right place.
Invite friends and family

It's easy to share activities with other people via fibodo, email, or social media.

You can easily book for several people to go together.

And if you're part of a sporting club or society - or any other type of group - you can set up a free fibodo network to coordinate your activities.
Grow with us

fibodo is adding new activities for everyone, every day.

Join us for free and invite your friends and family so you can all enjoy this new way of finding activities when and where you like.
Meet the team
Remy Minute
Remy Minute
Remy has worked in UK media for 20 years, In 2007 he founded CSC Media Group. Prior to joining fibodo he successfully sold CSC to Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Anthony Franklin
Anthony Franklin
Anthony founded fibodo in 2014. A former golf professional, he's been involved in sport and business for many years.
Richard Shardlow
Richard Shardlow
Chief Financial Officer
Richard is a Chartered Accountant who has worked for PwC, IBM and Anglo American. He's also worked with a number of startups and small companies.
Simon Hawtrey-Woore
Simon Hawtrey-Woore
Simon's enormous experience of marketing and business coaching makes him an essential part of the fibodo team.
Rawdon Berry
Rawdon Berry
Chief Technical Officer
Rawdon has over 20 years' experience of managing technology in everything from startups to multinational corporations.
Amanda Carey
Amanda Carey
Special projects manager
Amanda has a Bachelors degree in Public Health, she is currently completing her Masters degree in Sports Medicine, Exercise, and Health at UCL.