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From PT’s to Yoga instructors, Golf Pros to Tennis Coaches. Our offering for Individuals, empowers your business to be the best in class online or in person

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Looking to discover something new to keep active? Been invited to fibodo by your coach or instructor to book your favourite activities? Please click the button below.

Enterprise: The #1 e-commerce platform for service-focused businesses

Established or just opening your doors, one or multiple sites, UK nationwide or international.

Regardless of how many sites you have, the number of Hosts in your organisation, or the range or number of services you provide – if your team sell time-based activities and classes, we’re your trusted business partner.

fibodo offers the simplest way to coordinate multiple schedules and manage club & group facilities. Centralised booking management means payments are taken in real time, with full transparency.

Empowering clients, communities, colleagues & friends

Helping the world to Find. Book. Do.
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