Want your own business? It’s easier than you’d think.

fibodo enables passionate and talented people to build businesses. You’ll get the tools to realise goals, follow dreams and achieve your life’s ambition – and we’ll support you all the way to being your own successful boss.

Start your own business – but never feel on your own

9 out of 10 businesses fail. Not because they’re bad ideas but often because owners don’t have the resources, tools and support to succeed. But the solution exists.

Achieve your ambitions by selling your services online with fibodo, friction-free: no development costs, no time delays, no technical knowledge required.

From inspiration to launch to growth – you and your business will be supported every step of the way. We even have monthly open-office sessions where you can come and receive first-class support and advice on business essentials, social media management, marketing and customer service.

Getting started

Did you know that many businesses today don’t have their own websites? It takes time, needs updating and is a tech headache. Whether you have a website or not, harness the social media channels your networks already love – it’s fast, free and easy, and fibodo integrates with them all!

Create your dream

Do you want to be a sports coach, an event organiser, or create a booking hub to drive a business that empowers others to achieve their goals?

As an individual Host, you can promote any services, at any price, in any location through our fully-customisable platform. Whether you want a part-time or full-time business, we’re with you on your path to success.

Starting a business is a big decision but with fibodo the normal barriers are removed. Create your brand, products and initiatives, and engage Hosts to deliver their sessions. By empowering individuals and driving sales, you’ll soon be achieving your ambitions.

Engage your network

Start moving your business forward by engaging your network, reaching out to your contacts. Encourage online reviews which build trust and reach new audiences online.

Your contacts will give you a great start – they’ll be loyal supporters and share your social media posts with their audiences to expand your reach.

Keep it simple

Did you know 80% of participants live within 12 minutes of a venue? Promote your availability in your local community so your schedule gets filled – with no effort or expensive advertising. We’ll give you the assets to get it sorted!

Grow your profits

Take your business to the next level with fibodo – optimise your schedule, make best use of your time and reduce your time on admin!

It’s time to dream big, set your targets to the max and enjoy the journey.

Empowering clients, communities, colleagues & friends

Helping the world to Find. Book. Do.
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