Strength & Conditioning Foundation Course

By Your Gym Sports Performance


Course Description

The Your Gym Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning Foundational Course introduces practitioners to the fundamental key principles that underpin the strength and conditioning process, whilst preparing coaches for future enrolment on our flagship Level 4 Strength and Conditioning educational pathway.


This unique online learning experience outlines the key objectives of a strength and conditioning coach, the multi-disciplinary team, and the overall performance training and injury prevention process. Furthermore, practitioners are introduced to vital theoretical concepts including:


  • the force – velocity – power relationship
  • bioenergetics
  • motor learning models, and much more.


Finally, coaches are tutored on the essentials of periodisation and programming, and how to implement effective warm up strategies within practice. All this is underpinned by additional video tutorials, learning materials, and a variety of online assessment methods, with links to our extensive exercise library.


Our S&C Foundational program aims to prepare, develop and motivate coaches within their personal practice, whilst introducing practitioners to the foundational principles of strength and conditioning and performance training.


Before buying this course, please ensure you have read and understood the cancellation and refund policies of this Training Provider detailed below.


Training Provider: Your Gym Sports Performance
Learning Time: see below
Cost: £100
Location: Online


Learning Time: Coaches will complete a total of 20 to 40 home-study hours (2 to 4 hours of home-study per module x 10 modules), therefore allowing for a flexible learning program.


Information on Your Gym Sports Performance: Your Gym Sports Performance (YGSP) prides itself on educational excellence, providing evidence based education to aspiring sports and fitness professionals, whilst supporting practitioners throughout their coaching journey. Our Strength and Conditioning educational pathway provides coaches with the necessary skill set to apply performance training within their current practice. We aim to inspire and motivate coaches to develop as professionals, both during and beyond their educational experience. YGSP provides a learning platform that allows for the continual development of coaches, creating a lifelong learning experience with current articles and useful coaching resources, therefore assisting practitioners beyond the completion of their course … and raising the standard of sports performance education.


Cancellation & Refund Policy




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