Inclusive Coaching Made Easy Webinar: 10/12/20, 2.30pm

By Function Fitness


Course Description


This 1 hour webinar is an introduction to creating the best inclusive fitness class you can, that are in demand right now that will be fun and effective for people of all abilities. Bring your questions about what might not be working for you right now and let’s get you results.


This webinar can lead you to taking a fitness instructor CPD for Disability Awareness in Exercise course, recognised by the industry-wide board CIMSPA. You will have the opportunity to work with Wendy and create your own, fully booked and in demand fitness classes.


There is a whole over-looked demographic of disabled people out there who want to exercise but don’t know where to start – and who are not catered for in the majority of gyms or personal trainers. I am here to help YOU become THE instructor who WILL help them.


Current participants with Wendy include include: amputees, lupus, MS, CF, mental health, stroke, muscular dystrophy, dyslexia, CP, visual impairments, arthritis, older age groups, hydrocephalus, spinal cord injury, wheelchair users, support staff and mobility aid users, working out right alongside regular able-bodied gym users.


Find out who’s Wendy and what’s her story?


I am Wendy Hall and have been a fitness instructor since I was 21. In 2008 I had an accident that resulted in paralysis from the neck down. I was always an avid gym goer, weights user and exercise class fanatic. The demands and difficulty during rehab on my muscles, repair and mental fatigue were harder than I could ever have imagined. The accident left me in hospital for months and today I have ‘stroke-like symptoms’ effecting my walk and physical appearance, I walk with the aid of a stick and use a wheelchair – I was lucky.


Until I had my accident, I never knew how difficult it was to find accessible exercise. After leaving the Midlands Spinal Centre hospital in Oswestry, I made contact with Aspire, a very supportive spinal charity. Aspire ran a project called ‘Instructability’. Aspire had an opportunity for disabled individuals to gain a full YMCA Gym and Fitness qualification, and I wanted to get back into teaching.


I now work with all disabilities, as mentioned above, helping them to exercise as I understand that their muscles don’t necessarily work the same as anyone else. Fast-track to now and I’ve developed my own class, called FUNction Fitness which delivers workouts to cover strength, cardio and co-ordination and is enjoyed by all abilities. I am delighted to have recently won ‘Specialised Fitness Instructor of the Year 2019’ and Award winning ‘Fitness Class of the Year 2020.’ Please also see the following articles regarding my journey: FitPro Magasine Inspirational Trainer, and Function Fitness Article.


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Training Provider: Function Fitness
Learning Time: 1 hour webinar
Cost: £15
Location: Zoom Webinar
Trustpilot Rating: 4.3-star – Excellent


Cancellation & Refund Policy: Cancellation and refund within 72 hours of the start of the webinar. Transfer to another webinar up to 24 hours before start of webinar.