golf software.

Connecting coaches

and customers.

Uniquely, Fibodo is not reliant on the outdated shopping basket used by retail derived golf software. This means your customers can continually manage every aspect of their booking, from initial reservation; amendment; in-booking messaging; cancellation; payments and refunds; additions, to even inviting their friends, so your time is not wasted trying to manage your business using legacy retail systems, multiple diaries or on the phone.


Find, book, do.

Makes interactive booking, booking management and paying for your services simple and intuitive. We apply the same approach to supporting your business creating better experiences for you and your customers.


Easy to use

Setting up Fibodo for your business is simple and intuitive. You and your team can make changes and update your system immediately, making a direct impact on sales opportunities and reduce cost.


More productive

Fibodo deals with all booking administration, from reservation and payments, acceptance of terms and conditions, through to any amendments or changes and refunds if necessary, all recorded and backed up by comprehensive reporting, keeping you in control of your business..

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Think outside

the basket.

A shopping basket is a one-way journey designed for buying goods. It simply does not work for services and activities, where client needs and flexibility are necessities. If your current software uses this structure, it is more than likely creating customer frustration and adding hidden administrative costs.

Fibodo has been specifically designed to connect consumers with activities, experiences and services. It allows customers to buy packages and programmes, reserving their places as they go. It puts consumers in control of their own plans, so they can make changes as needed, by themselves and at any time (within the conditions you set).

By using a fully flexible booking system, capable of dealing with changes in real time all the time, it eliminates the barriers to sale and consumer frustration created by one way shopping baskets that simply cannot cope with the real-world requirements of activity booking.

Eliminating the basket also removes your wasted administration time and cost of managing a compromised service experience for your customers.

Features designed

to increase revenue.

Fibodo manages all of your client bookings and courses for you, so you can focus on increasing your earnings. Fibodo isn’t reliant on a shopping basket, so uniquely your clients can manage, amend and reschedule their own bookings on line, within the terms you set, so you don’t have to. This means happy customers and no administration.

Fibodo is working 24 hours seven days a week, so you won’t miss new opportunities, waste time and space for clients who were unable to cancel or simply don’t show because they had no way to communicate with you. Fibodo helps you avoid emergency phone calls, disrupted bookings, or battle with a diary that simple isn’t fit for purpose and all the costs associated with fixing and auditing processes that your legacy system can’t handle.


Keep your time focussed on growing earnings and engaging with your customers.


Ensuring you never have to compromise your earnings or your diary time, by managing all your products and diary in one location.


Managing all your receipts and automatically transferring and recording payments, so that your finances are always in balance.


Keep on top of your income, diary and booking trends using Dashboard and Reporting.


We believe being social is great for business and great for client engagement.

Fibodo Apps

make it personal.

The most likely way you will become part of your customers’ lives, is if your brand or service is installed on the device that they continually use. An app that they have chosen to download on their phone that only promotes your content.

Designed to get your customers to their desired goal, using the functionality (tap, swipe, drag, pinch, hold...) they have come to expect from their phone, which simple doesn’t work the same way on a browser.

Mobile Era

This is the era of the mobile device. Whilst web applications remain key tools in business management, consumers are increasingly looking to engage on their mobile devices in a more personalised way. A web enable site is simply not enough. If you don’t have a mobile app you are making it harder to interact with your consumers and increasing the risk that they will come across other service providers as they browse their social media and web search engines.


Your Fibodo app is an closed ecosystem designed to create a seamless integration between you, your services and your clients. You no longer compete for your customer’s attention in a sea of emails, web and social media advertising. Having an app allows you and your customers to personalise their experience, through setting their own preferences, sharing content and leveraging their devices functionality to offer customised recommendations based on their engagement.


Your personalised Fibodo app allows you to communicate directly with your clients, personalising notifications, so that they are visible, relevant and timely. Avoid important messages becoming lost in a sea of marketing emails from your competitors. Remember the ability to send relevant instant non-intrusive notifications to your customers, that they don’t need to edit or manage is attractive to your clients as well as your business.

Tech Leverage

The app benefits from other device features, such as GPS, camera or contact lists, so that you can promote your business not only to them, offering for example ancillary purchase incentives when onsite, but also to promote your business to their contacts, through encouraging social media sharing (pictures, scorecards, longest drive etc...) via the APP and indeed contact referrals.