Booking and Member Management for Champneys Multi-Site Gym Operation

Key take-aways:

      • Custom build iOS and Android member booking apps
      • Branded web and mobile gym booking journeys
      • More than 30,000 bookings in the first month
      • Members can book Gym, Pool, Class sessions and access on-demand content
      • Configured to suit the COVID safe regime at Champneys
      • Inbuilt track and trace capabilities
      • Advanced data and analytics to help drive Champneys business

Across the UK Champneys are known for their premium service, including six member’s clubs with gym, health and fitness facilities and pools.

Returning to work after lockdown meant that Champneys moved from open member access to a gym-slot booking model. This gave an opportunity to increase engagement with their customers and introduce new touchpoints and to make the journey safe, frictionless and informative for their members.

Working with their partner, Duncan Green at Momentum BD, Champneys chose fibodo as their booking platform.


  • A luxury brand that needs bespoke iOS and Android applications
  • Manage performance across all six sites from a central location
  • Deliver a complex schedule with 100+ product variants from one admin view
  • Member migration programme for 7,000 members
  • Booking capability for gym, pool lane, classes, PT and other time-based services
  • Member access to on-demand health and fitness content
  • Availability and schedule can be set to private behind the login or displayed publicly
  • Admin to configure visit frequency, cancellation rules and penalties
  • Configurable rules to be set on advance bookings
  • Membership access and consumption rules configured by tier of membership
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Ratings and reviews

fibodo solution

Champneys chose fibodo to deliver an advanced scheduling and booking platform that was simple to implement, allowed for future expansion to other locations, able to add additional products and service and was easy to manage. fibodo delivered the best customer experience on web, mobile and in dedicated, branded apps.

During the specification phase Champneys took the opportunity to cleanse and align CRM data with accounts, re-engaging lapsed users, enhancing the contact detail info and making sure each individual was kept up to date with the project.

Champneys have taken more than 30,000 gym bookings in the first month of launch during the COVID pandemic, opening safely and securely with a revitalised member base who get that things are a little different now and support new measures to keep them safe, and active!

Booking on web, mobile, app

Custom iOS and Android Applications and integrated web bookings offer an omnichannel experience for Champneys members.

Brand consistency

Champneys brand is critical to the success of the business and the web and app experience is a full-on Champneys brand, enhancing the connection that they have with their club members on every touchpoint.

Playing well with other platforms:

Champneys continue to use existing platforms to manage the hotel and spa business, proving that simple-to-use platforms can add value without the need to re-engineer entire IT systems

Automated communications with members

Booking confirmations by email and in-app notifications are in line with Champneys brand guidelines and tone of voice, and are edited by Champneys team to suit seasonal and campaign messaging.

“We’re delighted to partner with fibodo for our Gym Booking Platform across our six sites in the UK. The team have been extremely supportive, delivering on time and working with us to migrate our booking operation smoothly for our post-COVID launch.
Branded online and member booking apps are a brilliant extension of the Champneys brand experience and the backend system enables our central and local teams to manage really effectively. As we are delivering more than 30k bookings a month, we needed something stable and future proof allowing us to add more sites and products to the calendar when we are ready.
The data generated by the system provides a focal point for us that just wasn’t possible before, and we are in a stronger position now to delight our customers than before the pandemic.”

Louise Day
Fitness & Wellbeing Director – Champneys