fibodo is the only e-commerce booking platform on the market today that focuses on empowering the Personal Trainer and Class Instructors, and the positive impact this has on the places they work.

When your time is your business it is even more precious, fibodo gives you complete
control elevating your business to new levels.

For Personal Trainers

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Take bookings, get paid, and grow your business – all in one place. Our easy to use platform is fully customisable, providing the best way to manage your business and increase client bookings.

For Studios & Gym Groups

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Increase profitability through centralised bookings, taking payments in real time, full transparency of class and PT performance, and member engagement.

Benefits of a fibodo account

You will fall in love with the flexibility of our system

Everything is live!

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  • Business App, know what’s happening 24/7
  • Fully automated bookings and payments
  • Push Notifications for bookings/cancellations
  • Share last minute availability in 2 clicks
  • Invite a Planner Manager, take bookings at reception

Easily customisable business tools

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  • Web pages
  • Customer booking app
  • Connect all of your online & offline assets
  • Business dashboard
  • Trustpilot Integration

Unlimited data & analytics

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  • Unlimited live posting of sessions
  • Unlimited weekly sessions
  • Invite all your customers – there’s no limit
  • Comprehensive Reports & Analytics
  • No time delays, all data is up to date

Fully transparent

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  • Only pay for completed transactions
  • No charges when clients cancel
  • Late cancellations still paid
  • No hidden changes, simple fee, from 2.5%
  • Walk in bookings FOC

Contact Support – We’re here to help

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When your business is providing great experiences you need a software provider you can reply on, and who feels the same way about your business as you do!

  • Call our office is open 9am – 5:30pm
  • Email, we promise to respond with 2 working hours
  • Online chat
  • Monthly open house at our London offices
  • Comprehensive help, tips and FAQ section
  • Bi-monthly newsletter including the latest trends
  • Monthly Webinars

Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say.

We’re here for you

If you’re passionate about the wellbeing of the nation, get more from your business or want to know more about fibodo, please get in touch. We’re here to help.
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