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Why Fibodo

Being a service business owner is tough. Real tough. Finding something that makes it easier to run, gets you more clients and builds a community for future success, can only be good. Very good.

For Health Clubs

Designed for the fast-moving health club, fibodo manages everything from online membership sales and renewals, through to studio classes, personal trainers, swimming pools, rackets, equipment resourcing and covers everything you need to manage your club experience, with membership fibodo adminless philosophy.


For Personal Trainers

Run your business how you like, with multi-location bookings, courses, inductions, PARQs, and subscriptions all administered for you, including payments. Fibodo maintains your diary live 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity and you’re always on top of your game.



The more people see you, the more chance they’ll buy. Our unique Marketplaces technology gives you free access to existing groups of interested and paying customers. And you can set up your own Marketplaces and sales channel. It’s all about community.


Personalised App

Direct message your clients, personalise and automate notifications, so that they are relevant, timely and highly visible. Want to get at the centre of your cient’s lives? Here’s the app for it.


Up And Running In Minutes

Getting started with Fibodo is easier than ever. With a seamless onboarding experience, you can quickly create your profile, list your services, and start connecting with clients. Being a business owner in the service industry is tough. We’ll make it easier.


Let your clients book any way they choose


Accept payments anytime, anywhere.


Seamlessly manage your class and appointment schedules.


Keep all payments in one place with fibodo membership.


Your own branded app.


Get valuable insights to grow your business.

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