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Bring your brand to life, boost engagement

The #1 e-commerce platform for service-focused businesses

Established or just opening your doors, one or multiple sites, UK nationwide or international.

Regardless of how many sites you have, the number of Hosts in your organisation, or the range or number of services you provide – if your team sell time-based activities and classes, we’re your trusted business partner.

fibodo offers the simplest way to coordinate multiple schedules and manage club & group facilities. Centralised booking management means payments are taken in real time, with full transparency.

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A ‘Bring your Business to Life’ partner, with our award winning Activity Finder, built and branded for you and your customers.

Integrate white-labeled web pages with your current online assets and own your own bespoke customer experience app, promoting your initiatives, offering a seamless client experience that delivers ‘real-time’ results in 3 clicks!
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No on-going development costs
  • No time delays
  • No admin

Your team on-brand and singing from the same hymn sheet

In a digital world companies will live or die, based on the quality of their team and the experiences they deliver. With fibodo you’ll have brand control and full transparency over the performance of your team and the activities they deliver.

Host empowerment

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With the average UK resident having 150 online connections, there has never been a better time to add value to your team, and give them the tools to excel.

Powerful search

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The consumer journey is branded to your business. Customers are able to book by location, time, or the activity they’re searching for.

Apply brand standards

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You’ll create templates for your sites, Hosts and the services you provide. Each can be individually edited, so they’re still personal and relevant, but remain on-brand.

Set multiple admin levels

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By bringing your business online, you’ll have all the data in one place. Because we know it’s important for members of the team to access the relevant information to operate efficiently.

Handle payroll or self-employed

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Whatever the makeup of your team, set up the terms of purchase and the flow of funds as per the requirements of your business, whilst protecting the rights of your consumers.

Comprehensive Reports & Analytics

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Understand the performance of the group, individual sites, or the individuals that are excelling. Use analytics to communicate best practice and drive growth based on informed decision making.


fibodo is flexible

We provide Activity Finders for business from many sectors.
But we all share a common goal – to break down barriers to participation.
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1. Service-focused businesses

Get in touch if creating great customer experiences is fundamental to your business, you want to create a new revenue stream, and you’re looking to empower and better understand the value of your team.

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2. Benefits & incentive providers

Want to promote real-time activities to your client audiences? Then offer a real-time plug-and-play Activity Finder, individually branded and automatically populated by trusted Hosts.

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3. Retail brands

Ever questioned how you get true grass-roots engagement? Now you can by creating your brand ‘experience’ Activity Finder. We’ll distribute to fibodo Hosts and they’ll populate, delivering value to your clients.

What enterprises say about us

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Enabling enterprises, clubs & groups

Helping the world to Find. Book. Do.
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