Booking and Member Management for Yoga Studio

Broga started out in their journey by combining fitness and yoga for those who wanted a more active yoga session. Today they continue teaching yoga and helping others increase their skills in this area so that others can offer Broga sessions too.

When they were looking for a booking platform for their online class booking, their search led them to fibodo. Ideally suited for single and multi-site yoga studios.

Launching quickly to deliver online sessions during lockdown, Broga look forward to taking bookings for the studio, their training courses and live-streaming to help them deliver sessions that suit everyone’s future training habits.


  • Online booking for in-person and virtual / classes
  • Booking and payment for live-streaming sessions
  • Sharing on-demand content
  • Simple web integration to the existing website
  • Managing multiple locations and instructors
  • Single financial setup – no third party payment platforms
  • Member communications in the apps
  • Easy management of cancellations and changes of bookings

fibodo solution

When Broga changed the way they were working during lockdown, they needed a booking app that could help them with this change. They needed a booking app that could help them further their business during lockdown, but one that could help them to continue to grow once the world got back to normal. And if this booking app could be simple for their customers and their staff, that would be a major plus too. With Broga needing a simple solution to their online bookings, they choose fibodo. Our simple to use system makes online bookings and payments easy for everyone involved. Broga was also able to customise the look of fibodo and integrate the app into their website seamlessly. Offering professional booking services to their client-base, without the headache of complex coding and website development. This allowed them to easily manage bookings for in-person and online classes for multiple instructors and locations. Broga also uses fibodo for easy communications with its members.

With fibodo, Broga can now send emails about online class bookings, receipts and a great deal more to their clients. Plus, changes to bookings and cancellations are nice and simple to resolve with fibodo too.

Broga can also effortlessly set up online yoga classes at times to suit their instructors and handle the entire booking and payment process in one place, right on the fibodo app!

The Results

The results of Broga using the fibodo app for all of their bookings and payment needs has been an 18% increase in bookings. Thanks to the very easy interface of fibodo, their clients can quickly find a yoga class for their skill level at a time to suit them and book in for that class or as many classes as they like. Broga can also offer different options for how their clients book their yoga and exercise classes now. Broga’s customers can now choose to book one session or unlimited sessions for a month.

Throughout Covid, Broga has used fibodo to manage their individual yoga classes, as well as their online yoga certification courses as well. Broga used to be a single yoga studio. However, dues to lockdown restrictions, their instructors were suddenly in different locations, which can be a tricky thing to manage without the rights tools in place. But because Broga uses the fibodo app, booking online classes for all of their instructors and its service made it very simple for Broga to continue to grow during lockdown.

The benefits speak for themselves

Broga is just one example of a small fitness centre using fibodo for seamless and simple online bookings and payment management. No matter the size of your time-based business, if you need to manage bookings, fibodo can offer a fantastic solution that will grow as your business does. The results of Broga using our app proves that anyone who wants to share online, on-demand content, book appointments and handle payments can use fibodo to great success.

To find out more about fibodo and the many other businesses around the UK that the app has helped, please explore the fibodo website further. Whether your business needs a custom app to help you manage bookings, or you’d like a simple-to-use app to help with time-management, fibodo is the perfect choice for you.

“We have been using fibodo for our internal classes scheduling and marketing our teacher training course. We have found that their service management for our company is far superior to the impersonal service of larger providers at a price point, which is highly desirable. I would highly recommend getting into bed and right under the covers with fibodo.”

Matthew Miller



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