Booking and Member Management for SW Fitness

Key take-aways:

  • Booking solution for an individual Personal Trainer, SW Fitness
  • Provides group and 1-to-1 sessions
  • Total Bookings increased by 73% from Month 1 to Month 2
  • Online Bookings increased by 108%
  • Earnings increased by 22%

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SW Fitness wanted a platform that gave Steph a better work-life balance and gave Steph’s clients a better booking experience.


Steph Wood runs SW Fitness, a Northumberland-based personal training business, providing group and 1-to-1 sessions.

To ensure she chose the best booking platform, Steph conducted extensive research, gathered recommendations from other trainers and contacted different providers.

Steph chose fibodo because it makes her business more professional, delivers a hassle-free booking experience for her clients and automates admin tasks (tracking income and keeping on top of daily weekly and schedule).


  • Booking solution – Deliver a smooth booking experience for Steph’s clients.
  • Client booking app – Clients book through the App, available in both iOS & Android stores.
  • Instant booking – Clients see Steph’s availability then book and pre-pay instantly to reduce cancellations.
  • Customisable client booking app – SW Fitness branding, services and availability are shown on the client booking app, so bookings can be taken 24/7.
  • Online transactions – To provide detailed reports on session delivered and revenue taken.
  • Ratings and reviews functionality – To boost bookings and client confidence.
  • Website – Visitors to the SW Fitness website are encouraged to visit her fibodo profile to book activities – for an effective e-commerce solution.

fibodo solution

SW Fitness has gone from strength to strength since subscribing to the fibodo Pro plan.

Brand Consistency/Streamlined service provision

The SW Fitness profile, activities and availability are on the myPT by fibodo app and on her profile page of the fibodo website.

Booking confirmation, reminder and follow-up receipts include SW Fitness branding.

Access to a dedicated fibodo Account Manager.

Instant Booking / 24-7 accessibility

Daily availability is set according to Steph’s requirements.

Available time slots appear on the client booking App. Clients view Steph’s sessions.

Clients book in 3 clicks whenever, wherever.

Cash-free transactions / E-vouchers

Card payments taken in advance to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Payment by card of a ‘block’ of sessions creates e-vouchers, that can be used until expiry by the client without any further monetary exchange.

Ratings and reviews

Trustpilot integration allows clients to rate SW Fitness after every booking, giving 5 stars and positive reviews, and creating word-of-mouth promotion for Steph.
Ratings and reviews appear on the fibodo web page and the client-booking app – at the exact moment when people are thinking of booking.
Increased visibility online – ratings help companies appear higher in Google search results.

Admin reduced

Messages and questions eliminated – clients simply view Steph’s availability and book online or through the app.
Should a client wish to rearrange their appointment, the admin is automated.
All booking receipts sent automatically – a seamless booking experience for clients, without admin.

Day-to-day management

The fibodo for Business app is used for schedule management and effectively organise the day.
Spare availability is promoted through social media to fill available sessions.

Intuitive, simple and easy to use for Steph and her clients
Customers can book in 3 clicks, anytime, anywhere
80% Less admin and paperwork


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