Booking and Member Management for Active Jersey

Results from Month 1 to Month 5:

  • Total bookings increased by 30%
  • PT / Therapist paid-for bookings increased by 200%
  • Class bookings increased by 6%
  • Paid-for bookings increased from 12% of all bookings to 28%

SW Fitness wanted a platform that gave Steph a better work-life balance and gave Steph’s clients a better booking experience.


Steph Wood runs SW Fitness, a Northumberland-based personal training business, providing group and 1-to-1 sessions.

To ensure she chose the best booking platform, Steph conducted extensive research, gathered recommendations from other trainers and contacted different providers.

Steph chose fibodo because it makes her business more professional, delivers a hassle-free booking experience for her clients and automates admin tasks (tracking income and keeping on top of daily weekly and schedule).


  • Online real-time booking solution – Members see availability and book instantly, reducing drop off.
  • Robust Payment platform – scalable, secure accepting all major payment cards.
  • Active Jersey Brand Consistency – PTs represented consistently.
  • 24-7 accessibility – Members book and pay from home, automated.
  • Automated reconciliation session payments, with PTs paid direct to their bank accounts.
  • Social media integrations enabling easy communication with members.
  • Automated App and email notifications to participants.
  • Reports – To provide detailed reports on session delivery and revenue.
  • Member engagement – Ability to reach out to member database to increase engagement during lockdown.
  • Multi-level logins – For financial reporting, analytics, brand consistency.

The fit4thefight platform

Active Jersey has a flexible booking platform that meets the needs of its members.

Classes delivered

  • Les Mills programs
  • Dynamic Yoga
  • Fitness Pilates
  • Ambient Stretch
  • Total Tone

Key Features

  • fit4thefight provided free accounts for the Active Jersey fitness professional.
  • All booking confirmation, reminder and follow-up email receipts include the relevant gym branding.
  • Booked through fit4thefight, with all payments automated.
  • Delivered via Zoom.

Fitness Professionals empowered

  • The Active Jersey PTs set their schedules and are responsible for their day-to-day delivery performance.
  • Members use the app and web pages to go to the PTs profile and book in 3 clicks.

Cash-free transactions

Full financial transparency of block and individual session delivery.

“At Active, we pride ourselves on being approachable and welcoming, and our instructors play a big part in that. There are quite a few instructor-to-viewer streamed classes out there at the moment, but it doesn’t compare with the personalised instruction given by a professional instructor.

The team at fibodo couldn’t have been more helpful, they made the process so simple and took our instructors through it step by step. The feedback from my instructors, some of which were a little unsure of the tech at first, was great and now it’s pretty much running itself!”

Jo Mousdale, Active Jersey



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