Ex-Crown Golf CEO Joins Golf & Leisure Tech Disruptor fibodo

  EX-CROWN GOLF CEO JOINS GOLF & LEISURE TECH DISRUPTOR FIBODO Following on from an exciting period of development, Stephen Towers, Crown Golf’s long serving former CEO and board member

Feedback and You: A Leisure Love Story

Encouraging feedback from leisure, gym and PT clients The last time we spoke about feedback, we gave you some starting points to work from. Today, we’re going to go into

Using Google My Business to support leisure and gyms

Using Google My Business to support leisure and gyms  Google My Business is a vital component to any business in 2021. Launched in 2014, it integrates with your Google account

Marketing and Branding for Leisure: The Hidden Gems

For the leisure industry, focusing on marketing and branding activities has never been more important   Most leisure providers put marketing and branding at the bottom of their to-do list,

Leisure Online:  What’s the hype with streaming?

Streaming is more than just for Gen Z Kids these days don’t understand what it takes, right? Well, you’re wrong. It might be you who isn’t embracing the now. Truly

Promoting Leisure and Exercise Classes After Lockdown

Promote your leisure business after the COVID lockdown! Okay, you know the drill, reopening after the COVID-19 lockdowns are lifted was what we we were all waiting for. But are

Streaming Your Sessions: The Basic Kit You Need for Streaming

Live streaming your classes, going the extra mile with with fibodo! So you want to get started live streaming at your best, right? I mean, what’s the point in having

Preparing Gyms For IR35 Deadline

Many gyms contract Personal Trainers as self-employed workers, but with the IR35 changes here, could a change in the status quo be on the horizon? Gyms and local leisure operations

The Life Of Leisure: Reopening In 5 Easy Steps

What exactly are the latest steps for reopening leisure? Looking forward to re-opening again? We’ve put together 5 things to focus on based on feedback from the last lockdown Be

The Digital Gym Membership Model Boom

Will 2021 see a rise in the digital gym membership model? Yes, to some extent, say experts in the tech-led and fitness industry. The pandemic has given digital products a

Live-Streaming Membership: All Pros, No Cons

Looking for the best live-streaming app? Live-streaming with fibodo will help make your members feel like a part of the family. Innovation is key in today’s fast-paced fitness industry. With

Help! I Need Somebody

Training courses huh? Been there, done that, got the fitness t-shirt So you’re an old hand at what you do, right? Just because you’ve done something for years doesn’t mean

Training and CPD: What’s The Hype?

How training courses and CPD can enrich your knowledge, skills and career Straight out of school/university? Changing careers? Just fancy levelling up? Training courses and CPD are suitable for absolutely

Make More Money With A Solid Set Of (Booking) Apps

Booking apps, abs.. See What We Did There? Okay… so ‘abs’ puns aside. Running a business can be an absolute minefield, and feeling like you need a Personal Assistant right

Delivering great online sessions

The key to delivering the best online sessions. Preparation: Make sure your profile is fully up to date, Be sure to include your accreditations and social handles. Always upload a