Benefits of fibodo for Education

Benefit from a broader reach across a simple, targeted and relevant channel
Free to host
Easy to list
New customers
Reports & analytics
Cross promotion
No on-going admin


By curating the best content and inviting only accredited partners, fibodo offers a quality and trusted marketing channel allowing individuals to easily access leading qualifications, bite-size learning and CPD.

How we work

Through curating quality education we promote courses to our subscribers, audiences and new learners.

Our platform provides learners with the tools to start, and grow their client base, applying learning and raising standards.

By combining a simple to use digital platform with qualifications, up-skilling and personal development, our users are able to grow their businesses, become successful, stay in the industry longer and maintain a thirst for learning.

Upload your content today

fibodo’s Learn2Earn platform is open to load content now and will launch to our subscribers and audiences in Sept 2020.

Get in touch now to find out how your content can be hosted for free and how you can access a reduced commission rate by becoming an “Early Bird” Active Partner.

Only the best, regulated training providers need apply

Join industry leaders such as Study Active, The Training Room, Platinum Training Institute, Broga and Boxology as we collaborate to raise standards across the activity sectors.



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