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Liberating businesses from digital compromise

Fibodo software empowers you and your customers to manage 100% of customer experiences and complex product and service provision digitally.

Customisable platforms

For any sector.

For Service Providers.

Designed with philosophy of continuous consumer interaction, we understand that to create a truly digital consumer experience, requires the ability to manage every aspect of their experience interactively. Provision of services requires time and the demands on time may change, meaning plans need to be changed.

Fibodo empowers your customers to manage every aspect of their relationship with you digitally, 24/7 at a time convenient to them, increasing your sales opportunities and their satisfaction, whilst saving you time, administration and money.

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Easy to use

Setting up Fibodo for your business is simple and intuitive. You and your team can make changes and update your system immediately, making a direct impact on sales opportunities and reduce cost.

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More productive

Fibodo deals with all booking administration, from reservation and payments, acceptance of terms and conditions, through to any amendments or changes and refunds if necessary, all recorded and backed up by comprehensive reporting, keeping you in control of your business..

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Fibodo Apps

make it personal.

Push Notifications

Nudge your customers to stay motivated and sign up to additional services

On Demand & Live Streaming

Deliver the ultimate learning experience by suppliment in-person training with on demand and live streaming.

Bookings Sorted

Keep your time focussed on growing earnings and engaging with your customers, all booking are taken care of.

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Convert better

Your customers get your app that converts them into paid plans with effective sales funnels.


Ensuring you never have to compromise your earnings or your diary time, by managing all your products and diary in one location.

Be Social

We believe being social is great for business and great for client engagement.